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UFH Controls

USL offer an extensive range of controls to suit both residential and commercial applications. Our most popular range is detailed on this page and are predominantly used in residential applications.

For commercial applications we offer Standard and tamperproof room thermostats as well as floor sensing and or remote thermostats. Also available are 24 volt and wireless options to suite all of your needs.

UH1 - Wiring Centre

The UH1 can be used in conjunction with 12v network thermostats. The UH1 provides central switching and is ideally situated next to the manifold. Up to 8 230v actuators can be controlled as well as providing an output for the hot water cylinder, system boiler, pump, additional radiator or towel rail circuits. The UH1 provides connections for our central keypad or PC when used as part of a network system.

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PRT - Programmable Room Stat

The PRT is a 5/2 day programmable room stat providing up to 4 different temperatures at different times of the day allowing you to program the temperature required according to the occupancy of your home.

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Additional Controls

The Touch Pad features a colour touch screen, giving central control of up to 32 low voltage thermostats.

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PC Link

PC Link offers you a number of ways of communicating with your 12v Network thermostats. Whether it be a direct USB connection, a remote connection via a dial up modem or internet we have the solution.

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