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Dry Floor Constructions

Floating Floor

Dry Floor Constructions - Overview
Dry Floor Constructions - Overview

Floating floor systems are used on both solid substructure and timber boarded substructures.

Floating floor heating systems reduce the overall loadings on the building reducing the weight of the floor compared to traditional screeded floors.

Floating floors also exhibit very good acoustic properties therefore reducing noise transmissions between floors.

The USL Underfloor Heating floating floor system consists of routed high performance polystyrene panels these are then inlaid with aluminium diffusion plates.

The ends are routed with the correct minimum bend radius to ensure the pipe is located firmly and accurately at the correct radius this will ensure that any potential risk of damage to the underfloor pipework due to kinks is eliminated.

The polystyrene panels are produced in 1200mm x 1200mm Modules. With infill ends of 600mmx1200mm also available.

Pipe centres are available in 200mm & 300mm centres and available in 35mm, 50mm & 75mm thickness.

The floating floor panels and the diffusion plates are assembled on site to form a unified base.

USL Underfloor Heating pipework is then pressed into the diffusion plates which acts as an excellent heat conductor. With the floating floor deck installed the heat spreads across the underside of the floor deck resulting in an efficient underfloor heating system.

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