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The USL underfloor heating systems are designed to be installed with continuous floor circuits of 16mm Polybutylene pipework distributed from a USL underfloor heating manifold.

All pipework joints are made at the manifold with a valve coupling set, there are no joints within the floor.

Heating Image

Each valve set comprises of a nut, split olive and insert providing a secure mechanical fitting. The seal on the valve set is made by an EPDM 'o' ring.

Manifolds are manufactured from circular brass 1" diameter tube. The flow and return headers are mounted on noiseless galvanised brackets and can be either left or right handed due to their easy flat seal connections on both ends. The flow header is complete with a 1/4 turn isolation ball valve, flow meters, automatic air vent and drain hose unions.

The return header comes complete with a 1/4 turn isolation ball valve, integral balancing valves thus providing for the regulation of the flow rate to each individual circuit.

Thermo actuators are fitted to the return header for individual room control.

A USL compact modular control pack can be easily connected to any of the USL manifold range to provide temperature controlled mixed water to the underfloor heating circuits. The compact modular control pack has a heat out put of 14 kW. And consists of a mixing valve, Grundfos 25/60 circulating pump.

Maximum static Pressure - 16 bar

Maximum Temperature - 110 deg C

Adjustable control range 35-65 deg C

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