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Solid Floor Constructions

Screeded Floors - Block & Beam & Planked Bases

Solid Floor installation image Solid Floor installation image

The construction of the floor above the Block & Beam sub-base, inclusive of the USL Underfloor Heating System is the same as the solid sub-base construction.

To achieve the requirement of 0.25 W/m²K U value with a block and beam floor, additional insulation will be required.

The screed thickness is determined by the type of screed to be used as well as the type of Underfloor heating system to be installed.

Special attention to detail is required with block & beam and plank flooring sub-bases in relation to liquid self levelling screeds. Liquid screeds will find their way through the structure if the necessary care and attention is not taken at the installation stage of the Underfloor heating.

Solid Floor installation image
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