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Solid Floor Constructions

Structural Floors

Heating Image
Heating Image

The actual floor construction will be dependant on the structural requirements of the floor.

A typical floor construction is shown above with the principal elements of the floor structure and the underfloor heating pipework positioned within it.

The sub-base usually consists of two layers, compacted or consolidated hardcore which will have a sand blinding layer on top and a damp proof membrane (DPM) is laid over the sand blinding to stop moisture transferring into the concrete base.

Insulation is then laid to reduce downward heat loss, the thickness and or the necessity to include insulation is determined by Part L building regulation requirements.

Solid Floor installation image

To prevent the concrete penetrating or damaging the insulation a vapour barrier / protection layer such as visqueen is laid on top of the insulation.

Reinforcing bars are then positioned within the structure normally 1/3 from the bottom and 1/3 from the top surface dependant on the overall slab thickness.

USL Underfloor Heating Pipes are then cable tied to the reinforcing structure to the pre-designed centres.

Underfloor heating generally operates to its optimum outputs within a 150mm structural slab.

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