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Solid Floor Constructions


Solid Floor Constructions - Overview

Solid floor Underfloor Heating Systems include all floor constructions that have the underfloor heating pipework embedded in either concrete or screed.

They include concrete structural floors, traditional sand & cement screeded floors, anhydrite calcium sulphate screeded floors all on either a solid sub-base, block & beam or planked base.

USL Underfloor heating Systems are available for all of these constructions.

The design and installation of the concrete or screeded floor must conform to the appropriate British Standards and Codes of Practice including:

  • BS EN 1264-4:2001 floor heating systems & components installation
  • BS 8204-1:2002 & BS 8204-7: 2003
  • Bases and in situ floorings

In all forms of solid floor construction the overriding design requirements must be based on the structural requirements of the floor. USL Underfloor Heating presents few constraints on the design of the floor structure.

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