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Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Whether it be for a Residential Building, Office, Commercial Property, School or Hospitals, Underfloor Solutions is the solution to your heating project.

The basis of an Underfloor Solutions heating system is a series of 5 layer Polybutylene barrier pipes integrated into the floor structure which transfers the heat by conduction to the surface of the floor which in turn radiates the heat in an upward direction thus evenly warming the room.

Heating Image Heating Image
  • Even heat distribution
  • Maximises wall space
  • No hot surfaces
  • More Hygienic
  • Total controllability

USL warm water underfloor heating systems are designed to provide comfort conditions by radiating heat from the floor surface with virtually no air movement.

In comparison to Radiators which use the air in the room to transfer heat energy mostly by convection.

This method of heating will result in warm air being stored at ceiling height and cold air at floor level.

  • Heat lost through windows
  • Warm ceilings cold floors
  • Dust circulated in the air
  • Rooms can feel stuffy

Underfloor Solutions heating systems are available for all types of floor construction from traditional sand and cement screeds to modern calcium sulphate self levelling screeds they can be incorporated into various timber structures and can also include acoustic properties to comply with building Regulations part E.

Underfloor Solutions heating systems are available to harness most forms of renewable energy from Solar to Geothermal Heat Pumps.

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